Spread Betting

Ryder Cup 2010 - Spread Betting

Spread Betting is an alternative method to having a bet on sports. The 2010 Ryder Cup offers golf punters multiple betting opportunities for this years event. Spread Betting differs from usual fixed price odds as it measure the punters accuracy in making a prediction rather than a normal win or lose bet.

How Ryder Cup Spread Betting Works

With Spread Betting punters have the opportunity to inflate their potential winnings when they have a strong view about a particular market. In one of the markets outlined here the spread for Rory McIlroy to be Top European Points Scorer is 14-17. They have have allocated 50 points for the Top Scorer of the European Team and if you believe this will be the outcome and bet a �1 above the price on offer of 17 you will win �33. If however he finishes outiside of the points index allocated by the bookmakers and collects 0 points you will lose �17. Your stake bet in these markets can be however big or small you wish, and therfore can maximise potential earnings but there is the danger of course that losses can be large.

Ryder Cup 2010 Team Points Spread Betting

The Point Spread for the total points for each team is telling us that the Europeans are the clear favourites to win, the index shows that the winning team will collect 25 points so there is a top limit for punters here as well as a bottom limit if your team loses.

Team Price
Total European Points 14-15.5
Total American Points 9-10.5

Top European Player Point Spread Betting

In the Top Player markets for each team at the 2010 Ryder Cup the spread point prices are available, there is an index system used with the top four points scorers earning points in this market. With that in mind punters can have a bet on any player in these markets that they will score either less or more than that their price, for example it could be �10 per point over the spread they are and �10 loss per point under.

Top American Player Point Spread Betting

Player Price
Tiger Woods 13-16
Steve Stricker 12-15
Phil Mickelson 12-15
Jim Furyk  9-12
Dustin Johnson  9-12
Matt Kuchar  8-11
Hunter Mahan  8-11
Zach Johnson  6-8
Stewart Cink  6-8
Bubba Watson  5-7
Rickie Fowler  4-6
Jeff Overton  3-5