Ryder Cup Schedule 2014 - Gleneagles

Ryder Cup MatchesThe Ryder Cup will be battled for over 3 days, taking in a total of 28 matches, each match is worth 1 point. The 2014 matches will take place at Gleneagles in Scotland between the 26th and the 28th September.

The first day of competition features eight matches fought out by two-man teams. These matches are known as fourballs and foursomes. Fourballs play with one ball per team, with each team taking alternate shots. Foursomes play with two balls, where the best score of the two, counts. Over recent years the first morning has seen the players play the fourballs and then play the foursomes in the afternoon. The format for the second day of play is identical.

The third and final day of the competition features all 12 players of each team play 12 singles matches against each other. The matches are contested using a match-play format, meaning that the players compete against each other and not the course. Each score recorded as holes won or lost by whoever gets the best score per hole. If both players score the same, the hole is halved. The match is decided when one player leads by more holes than the number of holes remaining.

Ryder Cup 2014 Schedule and Dates

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Matchplay Terminology

Golf MatchesFoursomes - Two teams of two golfers each competing in an alternate shot format. One player tees off on the odd numbered holes, the other on the even, and they alternate shots until each hole is completed.

Four-ball - Two teams of two golfers competing in a best-ball format. Each golfer plays his own ball and the best score of the two counts for the team.

Halved - A hole is halved when players or teams finish the hole with the same score. A match is halved when the players or teams finish 18 holes tied. If a match is halved each team is awarded 1/2 a point.

Concedes - A player or team concedes a shot when they do not make their opponent or opponents finish out the hole.

Dormie - A match is dormie when one player has to win the remaining holes just to earn a tie. For example, If Player A is leading Player B 4-up after 14 holes, Player B must win holes 15-18 outright just to earn 1/2 point for his team.

All square - Means that the match is tied.

Ryder Cup GolfSelecting the right two-man team combinations to contest the opening two days is often very difficult. Experience is often the first quality a Captain will look at. He will then look at current form and form shown in practice. Chemisty and bonding between players is also a vital consideration. He will also look at natural leadership qualities. The one thing that a Captain will want, is to get off to a good start. This is vital for the confidence of the team,good selection,for instance at the last two Ryder Cups has seen the Europeans take a vital advantage.

The playing order of the last day singles matches is decided by each Captain, who has to submit the order to the Referee's. The opposing Captain will only know the playing order of his opponent after he has submittted his own. The order each Captain selects is usually decided by the score of tha match at the time. If one team is behind for instance, the Captain might want to put his form players at the front in order to try and retrieve the deficit as early as possible.It is a game of 'cat and mouse' and makes the last day of a Ryder Cup match, one of the most exciting golf days in sport.