Fourball Betting - Ryder Cup 2012

The Fourball Betting is always hotly contested at any Ryder Cup and the 2012 matches are shaping up to be no different, often Fourball golf is known as better ball with all four players playing their own ball. Europe and the USA will have two players against each other with each player playing their own ball, Europe and the USA will then put forward which ever player completes the hole in the better score with the winning team going 1 up in a match play style.

Fourball matches does involve plenty of tactics with the two players needing to create the right chemistry in order to be successful. If your playing partner is on the green in regulation then you will often see the other player attacking the flag, this means that a team will have a chance at a birdie knowing that a par is the worse they could do if the player attacking the flag gets his approach shot wrong. The old adage is that no hole should be lost to a par so a pair for either USA or Europe will need to be on form and working together, this is where the experience of fourball and Match play golf can prove so important.

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